Synods (or regional conventions) are usually held every two years. Delegates are elected from parishes across the diocese to attend. These are arguably the most important meetings held in a diocese because it is here that decisions about the future direction (strategy, finance, vision) are made. When a synod is not in session, Diocesan Council acts as the synod between synods, making these important decisions on behalf of the parishes.

The following documents govern how we work together as a synod to fulfill our mission in Christ Jesus. It is important that synod delegates understand their contents and participate in the institutional life of our diocese in ways consistent with their direction. For more guiding documents which provide important background information about how we have set our current ministry priorities please click here

Diocesan Vision

In 2014, our diocese, through a motion of Synod, adopted a diocesan vision, developed through consultation, prayer and discernment, which we have been faithfully using to guide our actions at the local and diocesan level ever since. God has been with us every step of the way, and signs of new and renewed life have been witnessed in every corner of our diocese. We are truly blessed.

Lay Delegate Position Description

The lay delegate to synod, as an active parishioner and member of parish council and diocesan synod acts as a liaison between the parish and the rest of the diocesan, provincial and national church for the duration of their term in office. This document outlines the role and responsibilities of this important office.

Synod Manual

Considering letting your name stand as a synod delegate? Already said "yes" but aren't exactly sure what that means? This comprehensive guide outlines the responsibilities of being a synod delegate and member, and will provide you with the tools necessary to fulfill this important role in the life of our diocese. A short description the roles and responsibilities can be found here.

Canons and Regulations

The Canons and Regulations of the Anglican Synod of the Diocese of British Columbia is the governing document of the synod and sets out the principles, rules and regulations that direct the corporation. This is an important document for members of synod to acquaint themselves with before, during and after a synod.