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At it's 100th session of synod the diocese of islands and inlets elected the following people to the governing bodies of the church at each level. We thank all those who let their names stand and those who will act as alternates in the event one of the delegates is unable to fulfill their commitment.

Annalise Wall (Tolmie)    
Freddie Milne, alternate (Nimpkish)    
Lay   Lay
Catherine Pate (Tolmie)   Jennifer Sharlow (Tolmie)
Ian Alexander (Tolmie)   Hayden Blair (Haro)
Jennifer Sharlow (Tolmie)   Gloria Hockley (Haro)
Lay Alternates   Lay Alternate
Hayden Blair (Haro)   Michael King
Sandra Leigh (Cowl/Mal)    
Marks McAvity (Haro)    
Clergy   Clergy
Clara Plamondon (Cow/Mal)   Clara Plamondon (Cow/Mal)
Elizabeth Northcott (Nimpkish)   Craig Hiebert (Tolmie)
Eric Partridge (Haro)    
Clergy Alternates   Clergy Alternates
Craig Hiebert (Tolmie)   Lon Towstego (Haro)
Sulin Milne (Nimpkish)   Alastair Singh-McCollum (Tolmie)
Alastair Singh-McCollum (Tolmie)    
Synod Secretaries   Diocesan Court
Elaine Ellison (lay)   Kathryn Chan
Paul Schumacher (clergy)