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You are invited to celebrate with us as Bishop Anna confirms candidates from across the diocese in this special milestone event.

The service will be broadcast online on the diocesan website as well as the cathedral website.

What is confirmation?

Persons who have been baptized as infants or young children have the opportunity to confirm the promises their sponsors/godparents made for them. Often this happens in the early teenage years, but confirmation can take place at any age.

How does a person prepare for confirmation?

Preparation for the rites to affirm one’s faith vary from parish to parish, ranging from one-on-one discussions with a priest to participation in a group study. Normally the preparation includes learning more about the basic beliefs of the Christian faith as well as examining how one’s faith is expressed in daily life. Candidates for confirmation can ask any questions they may have about the Christian faith and the Anglican church.

For more information on life event services in the Anglican church click here.

Clergy note: Liturgical colour is white. Preferred vesture for clergy: cassock, surplice, white stole.