The Vision Fund was established, by a vote of Synod in the fall of 2015, through a portion of the reserves from disestablished parishes. Its purpose was to faithfully seed local, regional and diocesan-wide initiatives that give tangible expression to the directions of the diocesan vision, and thus strengthen us for God’s service here on these islands and inlets. Almost $600,000 was allocated to nearly 100 projects across the diocese.

The fund operated for four years (2016 through 2019), as a bridging mechanism pending a major diocesan fundraising initiative. 

In particular, the fund was designed to support current and emerging ministries by:

  • revitalizing and transforming existing spiritual communities
  • encouraging and supporting new forms of spiritual community
  • enabling innovative congregational development proposals
  • strengthening parish life
  • supporting youth and family ministries
  • encouraging lay ministry and leadership formation
  • engaging God’s world and promoting efforts at reconciliation
  • sharing resources and providing training
  • creating centres of excellence and innovation

Download a complete list of projects below.