Thinking about getting started with Transforming Futures?

Step 1: Assemble a Transforming Futures Leadership Team in your parish.

Step 2: Pray, dream, and imagine

Step 3: Develop your case for support

Step 4: Launch your campaign and start collecting pledges

Step 5: Celebrate your milestones and co-create the future

The diocesan Transforming Futures team is ready to help you with each of these steps. Parish packages have been developed to support your Trasnforming Futures (TF) team. Once your team is established, we'll walk you through the package and make sure you have what you need to get on your way. For more information email Brendon Neilson, vision animator

Want to know more about what this initiative looks like at the local level? Click here to read about how Trinity Anglican + Lutheran Church in Port Alberni is leading the way as the first parish to launch its Transforming Futures iniative.