A downloadable pdf. of these protocols is available at the bottom of the page.

  1. Participants should administer their own wellness check and stay home if feeling unwell.
  2. Physical distancing must be maintained. Groups must adhere to occupancy limits for the room they are meeting in.
  3. Hand sanitizer and/or washing facilities will be available to participants, and upon entry, all participants must sanitize or wash their hands.
  4. All participants must sign-in with contact information.
  5. Participants must cover coughs or sneezes, preferably by directing it into the elbow crease of their arm.
  6. Touching between participants is NOT permitted.
  7. Following use of the room, a member of the group must sanitize high-touch surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches, tables, chair arms, countertops, etc.
  8. For washroom use, the group must maintain one person per use and must sanitize washroom after each use.
  9. There will be NO use of facility kitchens permitted for any reason.
  10. Participants must bring their own beverages or snacks. There must be NO sharing of food or beverages. There must be NO preparation of food or beverages (including tea, coffee, cookies, etc.).