Updated: October 11, 2021

A downloadable pdf. of these protocols is available at the bottom of the page.

  1. Vaccination
    • Unvaccinated individuals over the age of 12 are asked to participate in worship virtually only for the next few months, while vaccination rates continue to improve. People whose home parish does not have an online option are encouraged to participate in the livestreamed services being offered elsewhere, including our cathedral. We will not be checking for proof of vaccination at the doors of Sunday worship and will trust folk to respect these restrictions. The same standards will apply to weddings and funeral services.
  2. Processional and Recessional
    • To be undertaken only if it is possible to protect respectful distancing requirements.
  3.  Order of Service
    • Single use bulletins (to be picked up, not handed out) may be used.
    • Hymnals and prayer books may be used.
  4.  Music
    • Congregational singing is permitted indoors in the circumstance that all present are masked and appropriately distanced.
    • Unmaksed congregational singing is permitted outdoors.
    • Singing must be approached with caution as it is a high-risk activity.
  5. Readings
    • Only one reader will be assigned, to prevent surface contact at the lectern.
  6.  The Peace
    • The Peace may be exchanged, but without touch. It may be shared through smiling and nodding.
  7.  The Offering
    • Almsbasins are not to be passed hand to hand.
  8. Eucharistic elements & distribution
    • The eucharist is to be celebrated in both kinds, but only the presider will receive from the chalice. 
    • The sacrament is to be administered under the form of bread only.
    • Wafers only are to be used for bread (i.e. single use).
    • During the eucharistic prayer, the ciborium is to be covered, even during the words of institution.
    • The presider, deacon or other assisting clergy will distribute the sacrament.
    • Prior to administering the sacrament, clergy will don disposable, non-medical face masks and sanitize their hands.
    • The sacrament is to be administered at physically distanced standing stations, not at the communion rail.
    • Clergy will take care not to touch the hands of communicants, and to re-sanitize their hands if they do.
    • Following the administration of the sacrament, clergy will (in this order) remove their face masks, dispose of them appropriately, and re-sanitize their hands before proceeding to the post-communion prayer.
  9. Farewell queuing
    • Queuing to greet the presider after the service is discouraged.
  10. Coffee Hour
    • Outdoor socialization/coffee hour is permitted with distancing; indoor is no permitted. 
    • No food or drink will be distributed or shared outdoors.
    • Parishioners may bring their own beverages.