A downloadable pdf. of these protocols is available at the bottom of the page.

  1. Registration
    • All those entering for worship must provide their names and contact information (email, phone, or other) to assist in contact-tracing, if required by the Province of BC. All collected information will be held for 30 days and then destroyed.
  2.  Processional and Recessional
    • To be undertaken only if it is possible to protect social distancing requirements.
  3.  Order of Service
    • Single use bulletins (to be picked up, not handed out) may be used.
    • Parishes may wish to consider projecting the service or making it available digitally to be viewed on cell phones, tablets, etc.
  4.  Music
    • Congregational singing is not permitted at this time.
    • A small choral ensemble generously distanced from each other (i.e. more than 2 metres) may provide musical leadership.
    • Instrumental music is encouraged; brass or wind instruments are discouraged.
  5. Readings
    • Only one reader will be assigned, to prevent surface contact at the lectern.
  6.  The Peace
    • The Peace may be exchanged, but without touch.
  7.  The Offering
    • Almsbasins are not to be passed hand to hand.
  8. Eucharistic elements & distribution
    • Wafers only are to be used for bread.
    • During the eucharistic prayer, the ciborium is to be covered, even during the words of institution.
    • The eucharist is to be celebrated in both kinds, but only the presider will receive from the chalice.
    • The presider, deacon or other assisting clergy will distribute the sacrament.
    • Prior to administering the sacrament, clergy will don disposable, non-medical face masks and sanitize their hands.
    • The sacrament is to be administered under the form of bread only.
    • The sacrament is to be administered at physically distanced standing stations, not at the communion rail.
    • Clergy will take care not to touch the hands of communicants, and to re-sanitize their hands if they do.
    • Following the administration of the sacrament, clergy will (in this order) remove their face masks, dispose of them appropriately, and re-sanitize their hands before proceeding to the post-communion prayer.
  9. Farewell queuing
    • Queuing to greet the presider after the service is discouraged.