A downloadable pdf. of these protocols is available at the bottom of the page.

All community user groups must submit a safety plan to the parish at least TEN days before resuming activity. This plan will address social distancing, personal hygiene measures and facility sanitizing measures and comply with the following:

  1. Hygiene protocols must be communicated to participants and ensured by organizer.
  2. Participants should be instructed to administer their own wellness check and stay home if feeling unwell.
  3. If possible, the entrance and exit doors should be different.
  4. The user will provide hand sanitizer or direct participants to the nearest washing station. Upon entry, all participants must sanitize or wash their hands.
  5. The user must provide a sign-in sheet to collect all contact information to assist with possible contact-tracing if requested by the province. Contact information must be kept for 30 days by the user and then destroyed.
  6. User groups should have a participant assigned to be a “safety monitor” to ensure compliance with all facility protocols.
  7. The occupancy limit for each room in the building will be posted on the doors. Social distancing must be maintained. Groups must adhere to occupancy limits for the room in which they are meeting.
  8. Non-medical masks must be worn if social distancing cannot be maintained.
  9. Washroom use must be consistent with parish protocol, as follows: the group must maintain one person per use and must sanitize washroom after each use.
  10. Users must sanitize common surfaces before and after gathering, and other necessary cleaning must be done before leaving.
  11. If there is more than one user group in the facility at the same time, it must be ensured that there is no cross contact between groups.
  12. There will be NO use of facility kitchens permitted for any reason.
  13. Participants must bring their own beverages or snacks. There must be NO sharing of food or beverages. There must be NO preparation of food or beverages (including tea, coffee, cookies, etc.).