2020 investitures postponed

With the recent retirement of Bishop Logan McMenamie, the upcoming election of a new bishop (September 26, 2020), and the world altered by Covid-19, we regrettably announce that the next investiture into the Order of the Diocese of British Columbia will not take place until October 2021. 

The nomination process will begin January 2021. Forms will be distributed and posted to the website at that time. 

OODBC Insignia

What is the purpose of the Order?

The purpose of the Order is to honour and give special recognition to members of the diocese (and in the case of honourary awards, those not part of the diocese) who have given outstanding service over a significant period of time in their baptismal ministry.

What is the Order composed of?

The Order is composed of the incumbent bishop of the diocese as the head of the Order, former bishops of the diocese, officers of the Order, honourary officers, members of the Order, and honourary members.