Below are the steps to follow once you have interviewed and chosen a lay candidate for hire in your parish:

Hiring Lay Employees

The following documents must be submitted to the synod office for all new hires:

1. Submit the Lay Employee Information Form (download this document at the bottom of the page) to Eric Partridge, executive archdeacon, at (or if you receive an automatic vacation response that Eric is out of the office - send to Paula Blundell, executive assistant to the bishop at

This allows the synod office to assist you in proper hiring practices in your pariticular circumstance. If there are no questions or concerns, Eric will forward this form to Payroll.


2. Expect to receive a complete hiring package in an email from  This package consists of all the hiring forms you need and a Lay Employment Agreement template. This is a fillable pdf document, which means you can open the document (in Adobe reader or simply online) and fill in the boxes. There is a large box into which you may cut and paste the job description. Because benefits differ for employees working under 20 hours per week, you will be sent the proper Lay Employment Agreement template (either "Under 20 Hours" or "20 Hours or More"). 


3. Once you receive the hiring package in an email - fill out all of the hiring forms and documents and submit them to Jessica Tang, payroll & benefits administrator, at Here's a checklist for your convenience:

    • Lay Employee Information Form
    • Lay Employment Agreement
    • Copy of photo ID
    • TD1 - BC, a Personal Tax Credits Return Form
    • TD1 - Fed, a CRA Personal Tax Credits Return Form
    • Direct Deposit Form
    • Manulife Benefits Form - only if working 20 hours or more per week 
    • *Anglican Pension Form - only if working 13.5 hours or more per week, and 71 years of age or under. This form must be submited in original hardcopy. (The LTD portion of this form is only eligible for folks 65 years of age or under).

*You may mail this form to Payroll, Anglican Diocese of Islands & Inlets, 900 Vancouver St, Victoria, BC V8V 3V7 or drop it off in person Monday to Thursday between 9am to 3pm. 


4. Submit the following 3 Safe Church Requirements within 3 weeks after the new employee's start date to your parish Safe Church liason (who will submit it to

    • Safe Church Training
    • Police Information Check 
    • A-1 Policy Acknowledgment Form


If you have a suggestion for specific information to be added to this page, please email executive archdeacon, Eric Partridge at