Thank you for all you do!

Being a church volunteer shouldn't have to require a decoder ring. It's always easier to say "yes" to helping out when you know what you're getting into. We are working on a collection of resources for parish volunteers. If you have created something that's working in your parish, send it along so we can add it to the collection and share it with others.

Click on the red document name for a downloadable copy of any of the forms below. More resources can be found in the left-hand sidebar.

Diocesan Council Member Manual

Thinking about letting your name stand for Diocesan Council? Download the Members' Manual to better understand what you're signing up for.

Lay Delegate to Synod Position Description

The lay delegate to synod is an active parishioner and member of parish council and diocesan synod who acts as a liaison between the parish and the rest of the diocesan, provincial and national church for the duration of their term in office. This is an elected position.

Guide for Parish Council

You've volunteered to sit on parish council, now what? This helpful guide will provide the information you need to make an informed decision before you let your name stand and will be a useful reference after you have been elected.

Standardized Email Guide

In 2018, the diocese instituted a new Information Security Policy. Part of that policy includes implementing standardized emails in all parishes across the diocese. This guide is for parish use and explains how these emails are handled within the Office 365 environment. 

Treasurer's Handbook

Taking on the role of parish treasurer is a big responsibility. Managing the financial operations of a parish requires a specific skillset and experience, but is unique to church life. This handbook will help new and experienced treasurers keep up with the demands of the job. 

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Wardens' Manual

A parish churchwarden is a lay official in a parish of the Anglican church who assists the clergy with administration of a parish. Like treasurer, it's a big job with a lot of responsibility. This manual outlines the responsibilities and offers guidelines to help the warden be successful.