As part of the Anglican Church of Canada and the worldwide Anglican communion the parishes of our diocese are interconnected with 1700 other Anglican churches here in Canada and 85 million Anglicans worlwide. In this we celebrate that we are stronger together. Regular information sharing between the parishes and the synod office is one way we strengthen our unity. 

Click on the red document name for a downloadable copy of any of the forms below. The document will download automatically. Look in your downloads folder to find the saved copy.

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Criminal Record Check Reimbursement

We take safety seriously in our diocese and require all active volunteers have on file, either in the parish or at the synod office, a current Criminal Record Check. The processing fee for this document may be reimbursed if requested by the diocese. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Expense Reimbursement

Volunteers and employees of the diocese often travel to meetings and incur other expenses while serving on behalf of the diocese. Many of these expenses may be reimbursed. Contact us if you have any questions about what qualifies. 

Gifts of Securities Transfer

This form is used to gift securities to the synod or parish.

Parish Financial Return 

This downloadable form is completed annually by the parish and shared with the synod office. It provides the information required to determine an equitable contribution from the parish to our shared ministry as a diocese and our national and international bodies.

Parish Balance Sheet & Income Statement Template

This downloadable form is completed annually by the parish and shared with the synod office as part of the synod financial consolidation reporting process.

Parish Information Return 

This online fillable form is completed annually by the parish and shared with the synod office. When completed, it is rich with important information, providing a snapshop of life in the parish each year. 

Insurance Incident Reporting Form

This form is completed and sent to the synod office in the event of a potential insurance claim.

Media Consent Form

This form can be used to receive consent for the use of images, video and audio recordings at all parish and diocesan events as applicable. Copies of the signed forms should be kept securely online or at the parish/synod office.

Ministry Discernment Weekend Application

For those discerning a call to ordained ministry. See the Parish Ministry Discernment section of the website for more information.

Parish Inventory Guidelines Procedures

This form outlines for parishes the best way to keep track of all of the parish assets or property. It is produced by the Anglican Church of Canada and is a very helpful resource.

Parish Remittance Advice

As integral members of the diocesan family, all parishes financially support the work of the wider church as expressed at the diocesan, national and international levels through a parish remittance.

Safe Church Compliance Form

This form is used to report to the synod office about the Safe Church implemenation and policy compliance in parishes and must be submitted on an annual basis. Learn more about Safe Church here