Our parishes are public spaces and we believe the more they get used, the more faithful our stewardship of the valuable resources. In order to ensure that people using our spaces are safe and protected, we follow a number of procedures and policies. 

It is mandatory for rental users (groups and individuals), for example, to carry liability insurance when renting a parish facility. The Anglican Church of Canada (through our insurance broker, AON Reed Stenhouse) has implemented a Facility Rental User Liability Insurance Program. This affordable liability protection program will be offered to those renting parish/Diocesan facilities (i.e. churches, halls, rooms, fields). You can find more information about this program below.

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Insurance Made Simple — 3rd Party Group Liability Guide

Good risk management practices is what it is all about. The rental of your parish facilities requires that users have insurance liability coverage to protect them and the diocese against any financial impact of claims associated with the use of the rental. This brief guide explains user and group liability, the difference between them and how to apply for each. 

How Tenants Prove or Apply For Liability Coverage

This simple flowchart describes how tenants prove or apply for liability coverage.

J8 Acknowledgement Form

This form is for outside groups using Anglican Church facilities and serves to confirm that the party has received the diocesan Policy Regarding the Investigation of and Response to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and have agreed to comply with its terms. 

Template - User Group Online Instructions

This template can be used by parishes to instruct facility renters about the steps in securing the appropriate insurance.

AON User Group Program Guide

Our User Group Program is now found on AON's national facility user group website. The previous paper application program is no longer available. This guide provides all of the necessary information for accessing this program.


AON Website link (for liability insurance)

For those that do not have the required liability coverage please follow this link and have your credit card ready.