Diocesan assets are substantial. Over 100 land parcels and 45 churches are wholly owned by the diocese. The diocese also owns one housing corporation and controls several housing societies..  

Currently, as required by the canons (the laws that govern our diocese), capital projects over $20,000 require approval from the diocesan council. All capital projects over $250,000 require the involvement of the synod office staff.

Over the last two years we have contracted with Wiser projects to begin developing a cohesive and strategic approach to the portfolio of lands we hold. The framework for decision making below outlines some of the guiding principles and direction for how we are seeking to approach this work. It also has process templates for both diocesan and parish let projects. This is a living document, that will continue to evolve as we learn. Please contact Brendon Neilson if your parish is interested in learning more about this process. 

To read the Strategic Framekwork: Asset Management document, CLICK HERE.

Asset Database

Our login-restricted asset management database is a comprehensive resource for parishes and includes important information including titles and other legal documents, photographic archives and much more. Contact the synod office for more information on how to access this database.