We Together 2022

On September 30 - October 1 we gathered as a diocese for our biennial conference We-Together. Over these two days we enjoyed fellowship, grappled with some of the challenges we face as a diocese, and were inspired by our collective hope. The theme of our gathering was "here in this place" and both keynote addresses by Penelakut Elder SNUMITHIYA (Jillian Harris) and from CSRS Program Coordinator Dr. Rachel Brown.  We recorded both these talks along with the closing Sermon by John Thatamanil. These videos can be found here, or in the video section of the website.   

We commend them to you as rich resources and gifts for our Diocese.

One further resource that Jillian suggested we share with folks is the video "The Seventh Fire" which was a resource that was put together after the initial decision in 1994 to pursue the autonomous Indigenous Anglican Church in Canada. That video can be found HERE