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The following fire update is posted on the St John the Duncan website

Our office is slowly coming together.  We are on the move and working hard to set up a new location in the Parish Hall in the small meeting room near the kitchen.  The access door to the office will be the ramp door that comes into the parish hall from the parking lot. We are not quite ready to say we are fully open and ready for business, but we are well on our way!

We are happy to report that our telephone system at our temporary office space is back up and running and we are able to receive phones call directly. We encourage you to call ahead to the office at 250 748-9712 to arrange an appointment if you need assistance or need to come into the office.  We are grateful for the continued prayers and offers of support. Thank you for your patience.  

Please visit the parish website for regular updates as they move forward after their recent office fire.