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Youth Council currently has nominations open for three positions and we would love your help in spreading the word in order to fill them! We are currently looking for an ecclesiastical representative from the Province of Canada, a JustGeneration diocesan rep chair, and a National Youth Project chair.

These positions differ greatly in their roles, however they work in harmony with one another and the other youth council positions to create a cohesive and well organized national youth council. Applications for these positions are due August 28th, 2017.  

The jDA chair will lead the committee that coordinates jDAs across the country. jDAs are young people who share the stories of PWRDF with young people in their diocese, and are supported by members of the Youth Council.   

The NYP chair will lead the NYP committee, which is a group of people from Youth Council and from the Program Committee for Youth Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. The NYP is a project that happens alongside the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering (CLAY) and that gives young people preparing to come to CLAY something to champion and raise money for to make a difference in the world. The NYP committee decides what the NYP will be and creates resources to help young people engage with it.    

The ecclesiastical representative works with the jDAs as well as other youth within their ecclesiastical province towards grassroots animation of a youth movement for global justice. They will also work with adults within their province to promote PWRDF and work towards creating and implementing intergenerational PWRDF programming. This role involves communication and organization with individuals across one’s ecclesiastical province with youth and adults alike.  

The application forms for these positions can be found on the website through the ‘Get Involved’ tab under ‘Nationally & Internationally’, or by following this link.

If you have any questions contact Sarah Stephens, chair of Nominations for PWRDF Youth Council.