The weekend has come to an end. Now what?

The weekend is intended to be a beginning rather than an end. The movement strives to support the individual Christians throughout their journey, following a method by which Christian leaders are developed and equipped to serve God in their personal environments. Those who have taken part in the weekend are strongly encouraged to continue their journey by gathering with the wider community (Ultreya), meeting in small groups (group reunions) and engaging in spiritual direction.

Cursillo is intended to develop leadership and community which will, in turn, build up the parish church. The Cursillo community is intended to complement the parish community, not replace it. However, the Cursillo community does provide follow-up support specifically for its members through regular events held throughout the diocese and through the establishment of small groups (group reunions) for individual support.

We encourage all Christians to attend our events, whether having attended a Cursillo Weekend or not.

In addition to Ultreyas, the Cursillo community offers other events including a leaders' workshop and social events.

Fourth-Day Workshop - This is an opportunity to learn more about how to group and conduct Ultreyas.