Cursillo has been active in our diocese for over 30 years.  We operate with the bishop's permission and he has appointed TBD as spiritual advisor to the movement.

The Cursillo movement will help your parish ministry by:

  • helping to grow leaders
  • encouraging supportive worship leaders
  • aiding in ongoing Christian education
  • providing small group support for Cursillistas and other interested people

Clergy are always welcome to take part in a weekend in order to fully experience the Cursillo method. If you have not done so yet, we hope that you will take part on a future weekend.

New To The Diocese?
We welcome you in the name of Christ. Please contact us if you would like a presentation about Cursillo for yourself or your parishioners. If you are a Cursillista, please let us know.

The following PDF will provide you with additional information on Cursillo in the Parishes.