Giving our Thanks and Praise was developed by General Synod Resources for Mission. The program is based on three actions: inspiring, inviting and thanking and has resources for each action. It is adaptable and scalable for use in any congregation. Designed as a five-week program, Giving our Thanks and Praise can be delivered as a shorter program as well. 

Five Steps

The program includes the following five steps:

  1. Get started: Recruit leadership, set goals, and plan implementation
  2. Inspire: Resources to develop “Why I give” testimonies, resources to develop a narrative budget to share the story of your ministry, and worship and learning resources to anchor the program in sound theology in our Anglican tradition
  3. Invite: Step-by-step support for a face-to-face and peer-to-peer invitation to everyone in your community, and ideas for a leadership letter
  4. Thank: Ideas and encouragement for showing and modelling gratitude that is timely, personal, and sincere, and ways to develop a culture of gratitude in your parish
  5. Wrap up: Evaluation and preparation for next year’s program

In addition to a peer support program developed by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada (visit for more information) our diocesan stewardship team is also available to support parishes as they implement Giving our Thanks and Praise at the local level.