One of the jobs of any synod is to elect delegates to the other governing bodies within the church at each level. This includes diocese, ecclesiastical province (interprovincial) and General Synod (national). Each of these is governed by it's own canons (laws), rules and regulations, but each contributes, in its own way, to the life of the Anglican church in Canada and throughout the world. Letting your name stand for Diocesan Council, Provincial Synod, General Synod or one of the other official roles within the diocese is an honourable undertaking, and one that should not be taken lightly, as it is at these tables that the future direction for our church is set. 

At this synod we will elect a number of people to these important roles. Each one is listed in the left-hand sidebar on this page and a bio for each nominee is provided. As a synod delegate, you are asked to read each short bio, consider the body to which the person has been nominated and give prayerful consideration to whomever you believe is best suited for each role. Rememer, you do not vote on behalf of your parish or your priest. As a member of Synod you vote your conscience. 

At Spring regional gatherings we also elected representatives to the diocesan council. These representatives, each of whom will serve a two-year term, are listed in the sidebar menu. 

For bios for each candidate click on the menu under "overview"

Download a complete list of nominations here.