Catherine Pate
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Street Hope Victoria is a volunteer-driven Christian organization that builds personal relationships with people who face multiple barriers and marginalization, and encourages them to seek wholeness in all aspects of their lives. Street Hope operates out of a motor home which is parked in downtown Victoria on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Volunteers welcome people into the motor home and serve them homemade soup, sandwiches, hot chocolate, juice, cookies and fruit.
We are looking for a person or a team of people to take on half of the responsibilities of food coordination. The food coordinator(s) would be responsible for ensuring that sandwich making supplies (bread and condiments), soup, and drinks would be ready for our Tuesday evening ministry in downtown Victoria where 50-100 people are served, and then would be responsible for clean up and food storage afterwards. More details on the responsibilities that would be needed to coordinate the food preparation for Tuesday evenings are below.

Responsibilities include:

  •  food purchases and pick up of donated food items in preparation for Tuesday evening
  •  menu planning (three varieties of soup needed each Tuesday evening)
  • soup preparation
  • packaging food items for volunteers to take into the motor home
  •  clean up and food storage
  • following Food Safe requirements

For further information please email Rob Hosie or phone 250.661.6852


Read the April 2019 Diocesan Post article about Street Hope here.