The Vision Fund was established, by a vote of Synod in the fall of 2015, through a portion of the reserves from disestablished parishes. Its purpose is to faithfully seed local, regional and diocesan-wide initiatives that give tangible expression to the directions of the diocesan vision, and thus strengthen us for God’s service here on these islands and inlets.

The fund is intended to operate for three years (2016 through 2018), as a bridging mechanism pending a major diocesan fundraising initiative. In this last year of the fund's operation, up to $175,000 is available to support vision initiatives.

In particular, the fund is designed to support current and emerging ministries by:

  • revitalizing and transforming existing spiritual communities
  • encouraging and supporting new forms of spiritual community
  • enabling innovative congregational development proposals
  • strengthening parish life
  • supporting youth and family ministries
  • encouraging lay ministry and leadership formation
  • engaging God’s world and promoting efforts at reconciliation
  • sharing resources and providing training
  • creating centres of excellence and innovation

A jury made up of eight clergy and laity solicits and reviews submissions, makes recommendations to award funds to successful proponents, and follows up on the results. 


Number of submissions to date: 66
Number fully or partially funded: 54
Funds committed to date: $361,400


The Vision Fund jury meets regularly to review applications. Although intake dates are set throughout the year (Next dates: May 1, July 1, September 1, 2018) the jury accepts applications throughout the year and will consider proposals received outside of these intake dates as well. If you have an idea you are excited about, just email us to get started. Please include "Vision Fund Application" in the subject line.